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This is what country sounds like.

Cereal of the day: Frosted Mini Wheats

City of the day: San Diego,CA

NBA team of the day: Atlanta Hawks
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03 February 2010 @ 10:22 pm
Matt Friction- Vocals,guitar
Nathan Hansen- Bass
Brandon Jazz- Drums
Austin Edwards- Keyboards

These guys are incredible.Only new doo-wop band around.Doo wop's comeback has taken long enough,and who better but these guys to revive it? This is the only song of theirs i've heard and they're one of my new favorite bands.


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Just got over a bad case of strep throat.

I thought i was dying for about a day and half.seriously,it was awful.

Someone please get me a puppy for Christmas.(Yes,CHRISTMAS.I'm not gonna say "Please get a puppy for the holidays" What the @%#$ is that??) Preferably a chocolate lab.they're my favorite.

Music projects all over the place,and half-written songs clutering up notebooks.

Hopefully recording soon.

This music will see the light of day.

Holes in my boots and tattoos on my back,
Matt T.

Song of the day: "Baby Please Come Home (cover)" by Charlotte Sometimes http://www.foreversometimes.com/

College football team of the day: Ole Miss Rebels

Food of the day: Carrot sticks and ranch dressing
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20 October 2009 @ 04:30 pm
Ahhh,2009.What a crazy year.A good year,a long year,and an interesting year for movies.Let me say that I'm much more of a music person than a movies person.I do enjoy movies,my personal favorites being Kicking & Screaming (the one with Will Ferrell),Caddyshack,Bad News Bears,The Sandlot,Runaway Jury,Joe Dirt,The Buddy Holly Story and anything with Kurt Russel,Denzel Washington,or Gene Hackman.

Anyways,getting on the best and worst movies of the year two thousand and nine.
That kind of sounds like a wedding invitation.

This may be kinda rough; it's my very first movie review.

There are a lot of movies that came out this year that I didn't see,so it won't be a "full" review,some might say.Oh well.
Here goes:


1) The Taking of Pelham 123 - The best movie of 2009,hands down.A complex yet easy to follow storyline and a good amount of action.I wasn't sure if John Travolta could recover from that embarassing role in Hairspray,but he did.His acting is top-notch in this movie.He played the character with excellent skill and I say it's on the same level as Dennis Hopper's character in Speed.(Another good movie with an excellent performance by Hopper).I've been a huge fan of anything Denzel Washington has touched ever since i saw Remember The Titans right when it was released and it is still one of my all-time favorite movies.The Taking of Pelham 123 is an action classic right up there next to Speed,Die Hard,True Lies,Shooter, and We Own the Night.

2) The Informant! - I just went and saw this with my sister and my parents last night.Excellent movie.The Informant! shows Matt Damon's acting skill.It was interesting to see how it all unfolded.In my opinion,his best movies are Good Will Hunting; Oceans 11,12 & 13; The Bourne Identity,Supremacy and Ultimatum.I can't say a whole lot about the movie without giving details away as to the plot and the ending,but I can say just see this movie.Now.I highly reccomend it.

3) Up - Yes,Up.I've been a fan of Disney/Pixar movies for years.Ever since Toy Story came out back in the day,it's been one of my favorite movies ever since.Toy Story 2 is also one of my favorites and i'm really excited for Toy Story 3.But getting back to Up,it is just a good movie.Yes,it's about a guy who attatches an unbelieveable amount of balloons to his house and sets off to acheive the goal that he and his wife set years before.It gets you thinking,and it's good entertainment which is somehting Hollywood is seriously lacking in these days.


1) District 9 - I'm not sure what to think of this movie.Visually,it was incredible.The aliens and space ships looked real,and the acting was alright but the story line...ouch.When i got back from seeing this movie,I was telling my Mom the story line of it and I felt like an idiot repeating it.An alien named Christopher collects some sort of fuel over a 20 year period which will take the aliens back to thier planet but this fuel also turns a human in to an alien? And somehow the humans and aliens communicate but they're speaking alien and human to each other? How does that make sense? Also,the ending sucked.One of the worst movie endings i've seen since Roman Holiday.Don't get me wrong,i didn't hate the movie and i don't think that it sucks,but the plot just wasn't there.It appears they spent a good deal of time and money on the visuals,but let the writing fall by the wayside and just threw together a string of ideas that really don't make a lot of sense.

2) Halloween II - Now i'm not a big horror fan at all and this movie is one of the reasons why.I think Rob Zombie seems like a pretty cool guy and musician,but I really didnt like this movie.It was excessively disgusting,borderline boring,and i really never figured out a point or a plot to this movie.Michael Meyers is apparently invincible.He got shot like 15 times and then magically comes back to life and goes on yet another killing rampage.It makes me wonder how he's a normal human being but somehow never dies.I can't exactly figure that out.
Okay,i get that he's a psychotic serial killer but was it nessecary to slaughter the one person who tried to help him in the movie?


the collector - This trash can't even go under the 'Worst' category.It doesn't even deserve a number or to have it's title capitalized.I went to see this at the theatre in my town that charges $2 for movies that have been out of regular theatres for a while.This is actually a nice theatre,the same one where i saw The Taking of Pelham 123 and Up,actually.It was so bad that I don't even like to mention two of the best movies of the year in same paragraph.the collector was the biggest waste of $2 and 2 hours & 15 minutes ever.I'd heard a lot about Lions Gate and all these incredible movies they come out with,and if this is the trash they're churning out,I'm sorely disappointed.I heard a lot of hype about this movie and the previews made it seem like a cat-and-mouse type of thriller movie.Come to find out,that's not what it was at all.It was actually a boring,disgusting,repulsive,excessive waste of film and the continuity errors out-numbered the stupid things that Dick Cheney has said.There was no plot at all to this movie,no background information on anything,a no-name cast on what is supposed to be a 'big name' film from a supposedly respectable film company.I'm wondering what the time frame in this thing was like.From a movie-watcher's stand point,somehow this freak show with a thing for insects called 'the collector' boarded up all the windows,set up a room full of bear traps,a door with 6 extra dead bolts fastened to it,a floor covered in acid and a guillotine-style window in a matter of five minutes.Is this really possible? A number of people are shouting 'Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!' on this trash.Really? If you actually enjoyed this trash,you need to watch more movies.This is tied with First Daughter for the worst movie ever made.If you made the mistake of seeing this,I feel your pain.
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Okay sort of.Let me start off by saying thank you to Eric from Verizon for letting me use that EnV for 2 months because my last phone was on it's last legs.Make that last toes.Second,let me say this may make me sound shallow and materialistic but i am not either of those.

Anyways,im not a fan of touch screen phones.Nor am i a fan of sliding cell phones.Not because i think they suck,but because my fingers dont work well with touch screens and i always end up selecting when i try to scroll.And for the slider phones,i always forget which way the slide and slide them the wrong way and then they make sounds like they're going to break.

Lately i've been in to Blackberry's.Make that since i first saw the Blackberry shortly after they were initially released.And this interest is not limited to Blackberry's but to othe types of smart phones.For example: the Blackjack II,HTC Ozone and the Samsung Saga.

I'm getting a new phone soon,and if anyone wants to toss $200 my way to get a Saga,i would be grateful for eternity.Well,im reading reviews on Verizon's website and apparently there are some unahppy customers regarding the Saga.Oh well,learn to take care of your cell phone.

Sadly,the Blackjack II is out because they dont make it for Verizon.bummer.

Anyhow,i'm diggin the Blackberry Tour and the Curve (in silver.i dont think i could pull off having a pink phone.) Or maybe the Blackberry 8703e.

If not the Blackberry,i'd go with the HTC Ozone.Close to the Blackberry,and it has good reviews on verizon's website.One of which says "does all that Blackberry does and more."

Let me end this by saying that Cheap Trick wins this.no doubt about it.Booya!
13 October 2009 @ 05:55 pm
While i dont know the religious views of everyone who may read this,i need to get some things out there.I'm sorry if any of this offends you but it's just my personal opinions.
I think it's ridiculous what "Church" has become.This blog is not attacking churches in any way but there are some big problems with churches and Christianity today.I dont care if it's been said before,many churches appear to be full of gossiping,two-faced,hypocritical,back stabbing,snobby,stuck up people who would rather stand around in their cliques and ignore all the people in this world who need help.So many churches say "oh,we are all about being out in the world and helping others." Now there are churches who are about that and genuinely do it but there are just as many who say they are all about giving their money away but they seem to be more interested in spending money on things that give them a higher status in society.Screw social classes.
To change gears some,i'm also sick of hearing about the "christians" who see it perfectly acceptable to hate gays,lesbians,people with different religious/social/political views,the list goes on and on.It's downright SICK how these "christians" stand outside of abortion clinics and scream at people how they're perverted,murderous whores.Does it get much more disgusting than that? Do you honestly think throwing things at people and telling them that God hates them will change their minds? Now I'm not an advocate of abortion but i believe that what these said "christians" are doing is extremely wrong.
One thing that makes me angry is people who take things out of context.There are many Bible verses that people only pick and choose parts of that they wany to follow and believe,and say that the God they believe in was wrong and didnt mean what He said.What makes me the most angry is when people say that the Bible verse about being "unequally yoked" says that God is against inter-racial marriage.Wrong.
Read in to it,and know your facts before you make a moron out of yourself.
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05 September 2009 @ 07:27 pm
Cool stuff happening lately.

6 random facts in 5 short segments

New job!

went to a cookout recently and ate some really good burgers.

super stoked for the features coming to town.

been working on music some but between school and work,havent had a lot of time to do so.

the pink spiders are on extended hiatus,check out matt friction's new band www.myspace.com/mattfrictionandthecheapshots

Anyhow,ill try to start updating again soon.Does anyone actually read this? hahaha

Build me the moon,
Matt T.
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I miss blogging.I need to blog more on this blog because blogging is a lot of bloggery fun.

Sorry.Anyways,cool stuff has been happening.I've got a new truck,a new girl,a new band,and a new tattoo idea.

I'm sick of it raining,and i wish it would stop.Summer is supposed to be sunny,not cloudy and rainy all the $%#$%in' time.

L.A. Lakers won the NBA Championship.I'm pretty stoked about that; they're my team.But the Magic played good basketball to get to the finals.

Braves haven't been doing so well lately,but im thinking they'll recover quickly and win the World Series.

Oh,and the Penguins beat the Red Wings 2-1 in the NHL finals.I wish it would have been the Might Ducks who won but hey at least the red wings lost haha

But just in case i thought it best to share this feeling,
Matt T.

Song of the day: "Chicago Overcoat" -The Pink Spiders

Gun of the day: Browning Citori

Camo of the day: Mossy Oak New Break Up

T.V. show of the day: Sportscenter
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Dang man,where have i been? Haven't blogged a lot lately.Mostly been on Twitter.

I've been listening to Charlotte Sometimes non-stop lately.Check out her cover of "Sex On Fire" by Kings of Leon,it's incredible.

Sorry this post kinda sucks hahaha

I want the moon and the stars,
Matt T.


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11 May 2009 @ 05:15 pm
Yeah i know the subject refferences dip,something i don't do and won't do.It rots out your teeth and jaws and stuff.But hey,it's a free country,do what ya want.

But if i did dip,i'd go with Skoal probably.Or Grizzly.Can't decide.

Not like i need to,seeing as i dont dip.

Anyhow,work yesterday sucked.I mean,it was BAD.

Oh! Crash Moderns show coming up soon,99.9% sure i'll be there.And The Casualties/Leftover Crack/Trash Talk are playing soon,defenitely NOT going to that show.Don't get me wrong,i like the Casualties a lot,and Trash Talk isn't bad,but i've never listened to Leftover Crack.But ya know...seeing as how things are...yeah.

Anyways,i need a new cellphone.Mine's being lame.
I wouldnt mind a Moto Q or a EnV 2.I wouldnt mind a Blackberry just so i could have the TwitterBerry application.But i'd defenitely go with the keyboard style.i think touch screen phones suck.

Before you start throwing bricks and rotten food at me for insulting the phone you might have,i might remind you it is a free country.i can think that touch screen suck,you can think they're awesome,and we can all agree that Joe Biden has said some dumb things.

Nothing against V.P. Biden,he seems like a good guy but he has said some not-so-bright stuff.
Maybe he just speaks before processing his thoughts.

If you havent seen the V.P. candidate videos from Saturday Night Live you are seriously missing out.

Check out www.myspace.com/rocket
they are not a 'girl band' they are a rock n roll band.

Oh yeah,look out for a post on 'girl bands' coming sooner than you may think

I go all out like a gangsta,
Matty T.


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